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** 31Bloggers that You Need to Read! Series **

I’ve been writing to the 31 day writing challenge for 8 days now! And in the beginning it kind of stressed me out. After all I’ve got a LOT on my plate and a scattered mind.        I truly am not used to being scatter brained, but stress will do that. And then …. I add a commitment to write EVERY.DAY.! Really, WT ….! But it’s my calling .. my vocation. I have a passion for it, it honestly calls to me … I read a phrase or see a word and I am drawn in. Not stories … though I have a few of those, but life tales. True and honest circumstance that needs to be told so that others know they are not alone, or need inspiration and encouragement. Or just to know that someone is on the same path that they are walking.

The writing for this challenge did not stress me … the draw to read everyone’s posts stressed me! I want to read them all and there are THOUSANDS.OF.WRITERS. doing this challenge! It will take me the rest of the year to read them all!

At least this makes sure I read 1 Blogger a day! =)

So what I’ve decided to do here is share a blogger’s that really speaks to me … each day … here I go again stressing my self! However, I really want, really.NEED. to share some of these with you, my faithful friends. So here it goes…

keep calm blog

1: Finding the Grace Within

2: In the Shadow of Your Wings, I Sing

3: Abigail Allman

4: Morning Glories

5: Fear Not Little Flock

6: HopeannFaith {my blog … this post was just my heart.}

7: Pinked Perspective {This 1!}

8: The Stanley Clan

9: Hidden Glory

10: Ruth Marriott | What if….

11: Anyway: Along the Way

12: Sunday Psalms: Finding the Grace Withing (again, she speaks to me.)

13. Kaitlyn Bouchillion: For the “Un-interesting” Stories

14. Ten Blue Eyes: The Longest Temporary (AMAZING)

 15. Airman2Mom – How Motherhood Changed Me {courageous truth!}

16. Agapetos – Change

17. Rebekah Beene {Just refreshing and beautiful in it’s honesty!}

18. Lisa @ My Word Study (beautiful)

19. Jackie @ Jackie’s Thoughts and Revelations {Such courage!}

20. Joe @Father Says {Because a man’s view gives us something more to think about!}

21. Marie @ Along the Way: Walking the Road of Faith {Everyone should be so courageous!}

22. Nannette @ Hope in the Healing (Because we all need pleasant encouragement!)

23. Helen @ I Will Bloom {Because her story will help.}

24. Chelsea @ Holland’s Reverie – A Very bright spot in the bloggospher!

25. Zoe Rose @ Zoeprose [Love the name! Love the honest, simple approach to life on her blog.]

26. Do Not Depart: A great place of resource and inspiration for getting the Word of God in.

27. Mike Sumsion Photography Blog – Because some things you have to see and ponder!

28. Tara @ Praying on the Prairie {Soothingly Positive}

29. Theresa @ Grateful Lives Offered Willingly (Simply Wonderful)

30. Gabriola Girl {Because we are on the same journey!}

31. Praise the Lord and Pass the Calgon! {Dynamic Style!}




Buttons with Links to other 31 Day link ups! =)

keep calm blog

31 Days Journey to Healing

31 Days Journey to Healing

31 days of Five Minute Free Writes

31 days of Five Minute Free Writes

31 Days!

31 Days!


17 thoughts on “** 31Bloggers that You Need to Read! Series **

  1. My heart is smiling 🙂 . . . . you just made my night as I began to feel a little down … thank you for posting my blog on your list, that means a lot.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing one of my posts here! I hope it is both an encouragement and a blessing. I’m with ya, I just love words! It’s really cool how you’re using your space to share the hearts of others.

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  7. Oh, thank you so much for adding me in to this series… off to explore some of your other recommended reads (thank you!)

  8. Thank you so much! Such kind words and it wholly made my night!!

  9. Thank you so much for adding me to this list. I am honoured. I am so glad to have connected with you! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for adding me to your list! That is such an encouragement! How is your challenge to yourself going to read a blog a day?

    • Thank you Karmen. I’d have to say my personal challenge to read a blog post a day is going “ok”. It’s been really busy around here lately so I’m probably behind on that challenge. =)

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