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I believe….My Personal Sahara




I entered a Dry Season, unknowingly,it crept up on me and seemingly, overnight I was dying…       

Having survived this dry season; I want to say it was six months long. However, looking back, it was probably more like a year ago it began. That’s  when I knew, being the secretary, that we were loosing our church, and likely with it our Pastors‘, to a new call of God on their lives. I was simply unaware I had entered a dry season, because I had never experienced a Dry Season, in my walk with God.        

A year of building anger, sorrow and a deep sense of desolation and abandonment.           

I look back from, feet firmly planted, what feels like well nourished land. I have landed on my spiritual feet, so to speak.           

 I look back.           

 What was the lesson there?           

 I look back at that parched and cracked place that was my heart. I believe that that is where the desert experience, or the dry seasons, occur –  a place in the heart. I look back and I see the dry and cracked ground, the remenants of my “old” heart.           

 Then I think, I cringe, at the thought of having written the word Survived! As if some old wives are going to run in and jinx me! Ah, will the old man never leave this flesh?           

 Obviously I have survived to this place where I, again, feel comforted by my God. This peaceful solitary where I can audibly here my Father’s voice. Where the Word of God soaks in deeply, stirring the very Spirit of God, which is the essence of who I am. The Garden of Eden, where the Word is richly fed and cultivated. Sown into that Good Ground we hear about when we sit comfortably in our usual aisle seats on Sunday mornings.           

 Yet! I want, desperately to take back that word… survived!     

  The ‘what if’ in my flesh begins nagging, maybe I am not done, yet, in that desert place.          

 The ‘what if’ Distraction.          

 Distraction from the very thing God was teaching, preparing me for.           

 The lesson?           


I have honestly survived much in the short 40 something years of this life. Some things small; some so huge one must believe in miracles and a God who saves.           

Literally SAVES, as in rescues.           

 The Desert!           

 Have I survived the desert? A dry, brutal place. Worse than any clinical depressive state I endured at the urging of heredity. Yes worse than that black swirling vortex of nothingness and depravation.           

 A Dry Season of the Spirit.           

 Because, as a Christian, I had only heard about being dry, because I had only those scriptures in Exodus and Ezekiel that told stories with illustrative analogies to go by, I didn’t realize what was happening. I didn’t recognize the slow progression of dehydration. I attributed the emotions to my heart event, the transition the church was going through and the unfamiliarity of the church we were becoming. I didn’t like the changes, I wasn’t comfortable with these new people, they didn’t know me, my family….           

 Dry Bones… Ezekiel was talking about, illustrating, the desert experience. I believe…        

 What was the lesson?          

 Mine, I believe….          

 “I believe, I believe…It’s silly but I believe”; I hear Natalie Wood‘s sweet voice, in A Miracle on 34th Street, repeat over and over again.           

Matthew 18:3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.           

 I believe…             

My lesson; what I gleened, from my dry place was two fold.            

Trust God with God’s things! Very important.     

A change in Pastors.          

A loss of my Spiritual Parent’s parenting (they are not lost, they are out on a different mission for the Kingdom.).          

 A church move and some of the Church Family moving on.          

These are God things.           

 I, being His human daughter, thought I knew best what should be. I began demanding, of God, to know why, and bucking every change that occurred.      Being me, I envisioned what we would transition into and it was not what God, or the new Pastor had planned.          

 And then the battle began. Long before I even knew I was in a battle.          

 Having been taught well,  I knew the, “touch not My Anointed” deal. As the church secretary that was utmost. I was one of the layers that buffered the Pastors’ during the week and on Sunday morning. Making appointments instead of just allowing anyone with a gripe to infultrate that barrier.           

 But the new Pastor, he didn’t want this. The new Pastor had a new, his own, vision that God gave him. And I had the audacity to come home each day and speak what I thought about that!!!           

 I never considered that our Church had moved up a level. I never considered that the changes were from God. By the time this revelation came I could no longer feel anything spiritually! I had created my Desert Experience.     I felt like I had a terminal illness and that God had left me. Note I said FELT. I knew He had not forsaken or left me….but I nolonger was enjoying His tangible presence.          

 Elvis God had left the building!      My joy was gone…what was I going to do?          

 I was certain I would die.          

 The second thing I learned was that this Desert place was a place of preparation. I learned this as I was leaving the Saharah of my heart!            

You see, God wanted, I believe, to see if I would remain in my place. If I would utilize that tremendous Faith He had instilled in me to trust Him with this, the most important transity life, thus far.Even my heart event, I believe, takes a second seat to the importance of this spiritual transition. In all of my angst, anger and sorrow, would I stay? Would I fulfill the station God had set me in. Would I man my post, in a time when I felt that everything was being taken from me? Just everything, every shread of our Church life was being uprooted, and things I didn’t realized had been lost in the move, including siblings in Christ, (they are not lost either, :), they have moved on to what God has for them. All is well.).           

 Would I remain?          

I didn’t know up to about a week or two ago. Talk about the fence, mine was disintegrating beneath me, like a raw wood slat rail that had weathered too many alternating seasons. My fence could no longer weather any storm. I was broken, dry, barren. I was the weary talked about in the bible.          

I was also the picture of “Stand, and when you can no longer stand….Stand some more!” Unlike Moses, though, I didn’t have an Aaron and Hur to hold my arms up in praise of the LORD. My desert experiencewas a slitary thing, I didn’t feel comfortable burdening my friends with what I was going through, for several reasons. Still, somehow, crying and screaming I stood! Crying out and praying I managed to continued to praise, but it was all the more painful when the music didn’t get in…     

This is how that felt…     


 Somehow I got the breakthrough.           


 Many times a dry season is to push one to repentence.           

 I believe…           

 I believe mine was for me to give up, yet another family, to God, for God. Long story, being from a fractured family; fractured by mental illness, divorce, abuse of all kinds and then addictions, my family seems, feels, nust be gone, at a distance. A long distance. Therefore there was a sense of deep abandonment that resurfaced in this dry place. There is a reality of abandonment in my past, so I didn’t understand why it was, suddenly returning. The God I knew did not operate in this fashion!           

 I felt as if none of this was of God…for the longest time. I couldn’t see God in the changes, the transitions that were occurring in many areas of my life, simultaneously. Yet, I stood. I remained still, knowing God was God.           

 So I survived :/ …or was I victorious, or…           

 Have I been sent to the next level? Or all of the above?           

 I have to say, I don’t know. I’ve, through this dry experience, learned to leave God things to God.           

 That fact of the matter, to my joy,  this heart is being soaked again. This heart and this spirit can hear my God again.           

 I believe I was being prepared for what God had prepared for me. I’m not sure what that is, but I have a hope. I know God planned for me to have a hope, prosper and nothing can harm me. That is as long as I be still and know that He is God. As long as I hold my post, as meanial and lowly as it feels. As long as I am obedient to the call that God has on my life.           

 I’m going to stay in Ephesus. Here is a great article, it was the first thing that spokecontaining the very quiestions I had been worrying like a bonebefore I saw the edge of the forest from the Sahara.           

 I read today a great post over at Sarah Markely’s blog: A Loose Grip: On Loosing a Home. I’ve lost my home, my first home…someday I’ll give my salvation testamony and you will understand better. I lost the Home God literally told me was mine: our Church.            

Sarah talks about letting go of the things that we find vital in a home…            

the laughter            

the mural your son drew just about the toy box            

the old comfortable chair…(on the aisle)            

She described how we attach our emotions, our feelings, sometimes to inadament things…like the walls of the room where laughter reigned; as if somehow the sound of our joy was encapsulated in the paint and sheet rock, stored for eternity.            

She revealed my horders heart, in her post, in her sweet by raw way. I love her unashamed honesty. Go here, read, and then love on her. She is irrestibly lovable.            

I was hording memories…and as Steven Furtick said in this sermon: Get Back #1: You cannot build on yesterdays memories.            

So, I am boxing up those memories. Storing away all the pictures of RLFC’s greatest times, to look at when I can handle them. And I am going to hold those things that I am having trouble giving up, loosely, so that when the time comes for them to be packed, or discarded or given to one who would benefit more from them, I will be able to let them go.            

For now, I am grateful to my God, that I have come out of the dry season. I still have issues, but I am working those selfish things out with Him.            

I am grateful to be out, and me again. Even if I am still, simply standing in the first shade of the lush copse of Cyprus; still within reach of that arid, cracked desert.            

I see my Sahara, and like that depressive vortex of hell, I never want to return there.            

So it is to the next thing I go.            

To this new thing God is doing.            

Expecting God to guide me.            

Expecting the blessings that Father always gives His kids.            

Because I believe…I believe…it is VERY important that I believe.            

After all it really is the only rule…            

I believe…            


1 John 5:4-6 (New International Version, ©2011)            

4 for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. 5 Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.            

6 This is the one who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.            

Here are some Scriptures on Spiritual Dryness for reference:

John 1:1,14; Jude 4; Romans 5:1; Habakkuk 2:4; Jeremiah 17:19

Blessings Loves ♥
















Fearfully & Wonderfully Made


Let My Words Be Few


I had every intention of beginning a Let My Words Be Few Thursdays theme, here at HOPEannFAITH…  

You know, a few profound lines of wisdom and encouragement, mixed well with Scripture. A determined effort to say the most, with the least words {not an easy task for this long-winded writer…}.  

Alas, this post won’t fit in the “few words” category. It does, however, fulfill the profound, for me.  

I’ll begin   Let My Words Be Few Thursday” next week, the first Thursday in February! I hope you will join me. Until then..  

 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Psalm 139  

“You are the God Who sees me.” for she {Hagar} said, “I have now seen the ONE who sees me” Genesis 16:13  

I find it comforting that I found a Genesis scripture right now, because 2011 is My Wholeness year, a new beginning!  

It’s my 46th birthday. I got up this morning and one of my first thoughts, in the silence before the Men’s Club bustle began, was this: “They’re not going to call.”   

Sadly, “they” are my parents.  

There it was, once again, in my face, on my birthday! Like every year, for as long as I can remember. The first beat of this heart on “my” day, aching and sorrowful, to ruin my birthday. I was about to play the old “poor me” tapes….  

NO! I stop myself. I’ve been working on this, with God, setting boundaries. The no longer enjoyed my permission to affect my heart, my spirit or my family. I had set this boundary, and to my amazement it was kicking in, today!  

I determined I would not sit and wait and feel abandoned, yet again, for their phone calls.   

The bustle of a morning with 5″ of wet snow began, and my men began preparing for their work day. My husband called from his place in front kitchen fire, “Happy Birthday, Beautiful”. My sweet man, I doubt my beauty even as he professes it, daily.   

Coffee, key searches and Dachshund walks done and the last man, my eldest son { just 25 on Monday} leans over and kisses my cheek and leaves for work. A peaceful silence falls as that snowday sunlight; seemingly more shiny and more sparkly for its reflection off the snow crystals, shines through my thrift store lace curtains.  I’m new to enjoying the silence and serenity of being alone.  

Then the thought of my worthlessness, the ache for my parents to remember, care, love, creeps in, bringing Self-doubt with it. I push it away and open my e-mail. I go through the bevy of devotional and motivational blog e-mails I have signed up for and begin deleting the ones that don’t speak to me. This too is new to me, I promised myself that I would regulate myself to following just 3 blogs in 2011,  because I had developed a guilt for deleting them. Yes, guilt, I felt guilty for not reading every inspirational woman’s post that I received! Maybe because I write and believe I owe them for their inspiration, or because I think someday I will need it. So I had to teach myself to delete the ones that God doesn’t speak through, to me, any given day!  

O’ see how I digress…can anyone say WORDY!  

I come to the e-mail from Proverbs 31 Ministries and open it.   

When the One You Doubt is You by T. Suzanne Eller: {go and give her the love she deserves for encouraging us!}  

As I read the title, I know God sent this post is for me, {Like I said, I read the ones that SPEAK to me.} through Suzanne, for my birthday!   

Odd, right? Self-Doubt!  

Not odd at all, this is the way of  my quality time with Father God. 🙂  

You see, when I got up every fiber of my flesh wanted a pity party on my birthday, like every year. I silently refused my flesh, sat down with my coffee and opened the e-mail devotion.  

I think to myself, as I sip my hot, smooth Folgers, ‘How does she know? I mean she doesn’t know…ahhh, but God does, and He uses His Jesus Girls to feed and comfort and encourage each other! 🙂 God is good that way.   

In the post Suzanne says [my wording]:  

Self doubt can confound and consume us,  or it can be a path to honestly assessing why “doubt” is there and what can be done about it, with God.  

It’s like Suzanne is reading my journal, I glance to my side and there it is…  

I have been diligently working on what can be done, about many of life’s issues, with God. For a loooonnng time.  

Then Suzanne opens my lunch box! She shares a childhood event of a friend, Lysa TerKeurst, that causes deep self-doubt and what it spun 😉 in her life.  

‘Twirling’ for father’s approval, to no avail.  

I had done the same exact thing!   

I can see the event in my mind {until now it didn’t have the heading of event, now I knew that was precisely what it was.}. That day, that event, was the day my daddy scarred my ‘little girl’ spirit. ~ I was dancing and twirling for my father, in a homemade dress; my mother made our clothes then ( a throw back to the 50’s, she was!) and  “when daddy gets home…”…  

When daddy came home, my baby sister ( I was about 3) and I were dressed to the nines, in lace and frills.   

This day, my beautiful, petite baby sister on his lap, my daddy broke my little girl. He shattered that excited “daddy’s home!” pink little heart.   

As I twirled and danced and giggled with glee and went to jump onto his other knee,  his response was a harsh, “Sit down, you are too big for that! Sit down and be a big girl.” And he readjusted the baby, cradling her in the crook of his arm (she was about 1).  

Today, as the tears fall on my 46th birthday, I have found the root of a lifetime of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, even worthlessness.   


We live in a world that twists the meanings of the languages that God created for us, {this has ALWAYS made this writer crazy angry.}.  

Self-doubt is not self awareness, meekness or ever humility.  

Self-doubt is, in fact, an unhealthy twist on humility; a distraction from our dreams and God’s will and direction for our lives.  

Suzanne provided some good questions we can ask ourselves as we do that healthy self assessment in regard to the what, when, why and who of the self-doubt that exists within us:  

Do I have a valid reason to doubt?  

Is my doubt due to a particular person(s)?  

Is my doubt  due to something in my past?  

Is it the enemy causing me to doubt?  

So, this morning as I pondered the amazing amount of White showing through my Red hair, making me look dusty, I contemplated having the courage to let the red grow out to see just how white it was {God has apparently  honored my request for white hair, like my great-grandmother Godwin}. I realize, again, that I am 4 years to 50.   

A half century of life!  


I read the part about Lysa’s memories…and then immediately wrote a poem, I’m hoping…No! I faithfully know that this breakthrough is going to mean health to my body, spirit and mind.  I’m excited as I have a goal I am working on, and this experience today feels like God saying: You are of Beautiful Worth and You are going to succeeded!   

The Father’s Delight  

There was a child,  

Small and full of light,  

She twirled and twirled,  

Seeking father’s delight.  

The sun shone in,  

The window pane,  

No matter the sorrow,  

No matter the shame.  

The little girl grew,  

Twirling dizzily each year,  

Twirling and dancing,  

Seeking and yearing with fear.  

The Son shone into  

Her heart aching with pain,  

He eased the sorrow,  

And took her shame.  

She danced, again a child of light,  

Her heart full of joy.  

She twirls and twirls…  

To The Father’s Delight.  

A wonderful woman who read this story today reminded me of an incredible video by Mercy Me ~ Beautiful. I thought I’d add it here, even though this post is long! 😉

Blessings Loves ♥  


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Being Still and Knowing God is God No Matter Where I Am in Me.

As I stand at the center of my chaotic life, I wonder…

with amazement that there is a calm. Yet I wander off kilter from time to time, causing the unsettling symptoms of vertigo. Standing, unsteadily , as the camera pans in ever quickening and expanding circles, my stomach turns over and over with the stress of it all. “STOP!” my overburdened mind begs. ” I want off of  this carnival merry- go- round!” As I look down at myself at the center of it all, I realize  it is  not a harmless merry-go-round, but the terrifying heights of the  ferris wheel, creeking and groaning, stuck at the very top and the vertigo sways my stomach once again.

So much has occured this summer. Illness, captivity, lonliness, frustration, loss, and anger, always anger, tempered somehow with joy, success, fellowship and healing. Like I said chaios.  

So why is my life this way? Why does this part of the transition of my life seem so very unstable? I don’t know, but this lack of control over my own life is testing me to my very core. Coming from a middle aged woman who has survived so much abuse and adversity that is saying a lot.

I know that I have been given all the things necessary for life and Godliness, that I have been given all things necesary for life and life more abundantly. I have and enjoy the very favor of God.  So I guess it’s the Godliness that I am learning here…because life is what it is, one must just flow and remain in Christ to endure that.

What exactly is Godliness? Let’s be honest only God, and Jesus, because He was God, even while on the earth, are capable of true Godliness!

Godliness is denoting character and conduct determined by the principle of love or fear of God in the heart, is the summing up of genuine religion. There can be no true religion without it: only a dead “form” (2 Timothy 3:5).

Numbers 14:24 “my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seed shall possess it.” Caleb is a portrait of Godliness; and there were many, He trusted God and moved forward in that. I relate to Caleb, I was even told, by my first Pastor, that I had his tenaciousness very early in my walk. No matter what I pride myself on doing what I know to do, whether I feel it or not, whether it appears to be working or not. God is God, no matter my circumstance…that is the mantra. That is the Truth of the matter.

Godliness is equated to living as closely as one can to God’s Word. I try, but at times like this, when I weary and am too alone, all of the time, I waiver. It’s okay, right? I mean God made me who I am and I am only human, so it’s okay to let go sometimes and just wallow in my sorrow and mire. Right? right? feel sorry for myself and my situation…No. It isn’t alright. It isn’t Godliness, it isn’t even trying.

The bible says that God’s grace is enough for me. I say God’s grace is enough for me, so I stand back up…like in Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 2:1 and 2 “…He said to me, “Son of man, stand up, and I will speak to you.” As he spoke to me, the Spirit entered me, stood me on my feet, and I heard him speaking to me.”

I’ve stated here, many times, that I am blessed to audibly hear the Lord. Call me crazy, many do, but one thing you  cannot prove to me, you cannot take from me, is that I hear God. No one can take that from me, no one. So I can relate to that scripture.When I stand firm God speaks to me, clearly. 

God’s voice is peaceful and calm, described poetically in the bible, as that “still small voice”.

In fact God is the very origin of peace and calm; still (whisper/calm) small (fine) voice (noise).

When I am anxious, fearful or angry, the voice yelling in me is not God (trying to get my attention), he does not operate that way. The noise in my head is probably me, preventing myself from hearing from God. The Word says he does not leave nor forsake us, so in these times when we feel seperated from God, we aren’t. We just are not calm enough or peaceful enough to hear Him!

In 1 Kings 19 God showed up to speak to Elijah. You see Elijah was running from Jezabel who had vowed to kill him, lets just relate Jezabel to life’s struggles, he was tired and emotionally spent and said to God: “I’ve had enough now Lord. Take my life! I’m no better than my ancestors.” and with that he lay down under a tree and slept.

Sounds very much like life got the best of him. Seems fear, depression and discouragement got the best of good ole Elijah! Much like in our walk through the more difficult, even tragic circumstances of life. Later after an angel ministered to him and he traveled for 40 days it was then  God spoke to Elijah, and Elijah could finally hear His voice.

Isn’t that the truth. When I indulge in depression and discouragement they take over and the experience for many can be quite a long time. Well in that time God does bring help, but because we have submitted to the sin, it takes time for the ministering to get through. More often than not because we are quite finished with our pitty party. Thank goodness our God is faithful to finish the work He began in us.

So the Lord said to Elijah, “Go out and stand in front of the Lord on the mountain.” As the Lord was passing by, a fierce wind tore mountains and shattered rocks ahead of the Lord. But the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind came an earthquake. But the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. After the earthquake there was a fire. But the Lord wasn’t in the fire. And after the fire there was a quiet, whispering voice. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his coat, went out, and stood at the entrance of the cave. Then the voice said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

You see, even Elijah, a mighty man and prophet of God got bogged down by fear and depression…and if you read 1 Kings 18 you will come to know that this was immediately, IMMEDIATELY after a great victory for Elijah. The decent was that fast!

At the end of the day Elijah was a man, like you and I; there is even scripture that says exactly that. Even Jesus, while here on earth, experienced the human feelings and constraints we experience in our day to day lives. We see Him cry out to Father God in the garden of Gethsemane, to remove the burden He is bearing.

Both men though, Elijah slowly, and Jesus immediately were calm and heard from God. In the peace and calm that we develope within a God reverential lifestyle we can not only hear, but understand and accept the processes of our growth in Christ.

So why is my life so frustrating right now? Healing in my body and apparently other areas of my life is taking place. I am learning to live and function on another level. I am learning to rely solely upon God for my life, my Godliness and my abundance. So I’m guessing that I have to be content with my life as it is now because it will lead to the desires of my heart, where I will be more fruitful for the kingdom.

Life is not fair. I dread the lonliness and detest the emotions and weakness therein that I feel too often. I am frustrated by the captivity of no car and restricted health (although both are very, very temporary).

So I stop, gather my wits and begin again. I will learn to be content with where I am in life and in Christ, so that I can have the fullness of the Godliness that God has for me.

I wrote this awhile back:

“The peaceful, silent pause, in the music of my life, wherein I hear God.” ADH™

That is where I need to learn to be…in that silent pause…<3

Blessings Loves




Rest…a place of Faith

Good Morning ~ Afternoon or Evening!  🙂

…it’s been a bit since I’ve posted and for that I apologize. However, as you all know, life takes us on the wind sometimes. So I know you’ll forgive my absence…  🙂

Last Tuesday night at my Women’s Bible Study, held by our very own Pastor Carol, was outstanding. A new bible study open to all the women in @ the River (our church), this particular group of women have not met in one group for study until now. Familiar Leadership faces mixed in with women who have not come out before. It was exciting.

While our church is in a major transition, our Pastor Carol wanted to bring the women of the River together to feed us in a positive manner. She far exceeded in this…and we look forward to a deeper relationship and understanding of God, who He made us each to be, individually. If the sense of power that was felt Tuesday night is any indication for what God has in store for us, we are in for breakthroughs! God is amazing.

The teaching was on Rest.

Rest is a choice. Due to that free will thing, anything God challenges a person with is a choice. We choose to walk in love, forgiveness or even rest or not. God simply offers us the choice, the decision is ours. My suggestion…choose wisely.

Finding a place of rest and faith is a choice. Faith, Rest, and Peace are spiritual law.

The longer we walk in this rest the more of it we attract it to ourselves. Picture yourself there…resting, reclining in the understanding that God has already fought your battles. He has already fought and brought you our in Victory, from the war you were in. Resting in the realization that the battle is not, and never was ours, but God’s…resting in the vast revelation of that promise. Truly understanding and resting while God controls and drives our lives! Feels like less work, less stress, less anxiety…doesn’t it?

It is!

If one works the spiritual laws they will work for you. Working the laws, though, means really working them. Not simply haphazardly attempting to try them when you feel like it, or remember to…working means diligently putting effort into a thing or situation.

Jesus has provided the keys, put them in our hands, to unlock doors that have been locked on our behalf. Working the Laws…the 11 Laws of God is the key. The Laws are God…they are biblical.

Suggested reading: Working with the Law by Dr. Raymond Holliwell

Philippians 4:6 tells us, “be anxious for nothing”.

The Word of God says, directs us to live anxiety free. If the Word says it then it is possible to live it!

Anxiety is the result of meditating on negative things. The negative things of the world, specifically. We must program our minds not to take in the negative. This is not to say we ignore the situations in our lives. It simply means not to dwell there and take the problems into ourselves.

We must stop living by our emotions. Yes! We control how we react, or not, to our emotions! The world will tell you, you’ve heard it, you’ve even said it, me too!, “No one can control how we feel!” or “I can’t help how I feel!”. This is a lie. We most certainly do control our emotions and how we act in these emotions!

Did you ever notice: You wake up and it’s raining, disappointing your plans for a picnic lunch with your family.

The day is gloomy, and right from the start the disappointment you feel begins to grow into a depressed feeling. Things are not going as planned. Often we fall into that trap and enter into a state of self conciousness of the negative kind. If done often enough, if we repeatedly give into the negatives of the day or week, we find it quickly becomes our attitude. One of negative disappointment that spawns an attitude that nothing works out well…it is a vicious cycle. A cycle one chooses to engage in!

Have you ever: Awoken to rain and disappointed plans for your picnic and gone with it?

You know! gather the family at lunch time, from their perspective activities and enjoyed that picnic lunch on your bright picnic throw on the living room floor. Talking and enjoying the same company and conversation you would have enjoyed at the park? Maybe playing a raucous game of monopoly instead of tossing the frisby?

The obvious is that the second choice caused joy and fun! A choice was made! And it controlled the flow of emotion in the situation.

Our emotions are a thermostat. Our emotions tell us whether or not we are in the right place, the right attitude. If I don’t feel well or I am in unforgiveness, there is a disturbance in me! I am not walking in love and faith…I don’t feel good! There is a belief that we attract illnesses to us…we believe what we hear, or read or was shown. We believe our feelings. However, I am here to tell you that if I believe what the Word of God says about my feelings or illnesses I begin to feel better. I have turned the key to a seemingly locked door to wellness.

I can attest to this…when I am diligent and speak God’s Word into my life I  feel better! My emotions line up to the Word and they do not drive my life…my attitude or the situations!

REST is a place of faith. God like faith. Honestly we do not possess faith without God. That measure of faith that was given to every single human being, is God’s faith. Faith was not built into our dna, it was a supernatural gift from God. It is a part of God’s dna.

If I am anxious I cannot enjoy that faith. If I am following my negative emotions I am backsliding. That negative emotion now drives my decision making.

James 1:5-8 ~ become a person of decision. Free will requires us to choose God’s will, not our own. God would not choose depression, it is not in his will. [God’s Will ~ our inheritance ~ get it?] We did not inherit depression, we inherited Hope and Faith!

Matthew 6:25-27 ~ worry is a public demonstration of false humility. Anxiety is overcome by our knowledge of our authority in The Christ.  When we realize that we were adopted into the Royalty of God’s Kingdom we can then walk as the Kings and Queens, the Leaders Father God meant for each of us to be!

Romans 8:1 ~ God loves regardless of my performance.  Meditate on the love of God. He loves me, and YOU, when we walk in faith and when we backslide. Like any good father, our mistakes and distractions, the worst acts we can conjure we’ve perpetrated!, cannot separate us from the Love of our Father, God!

Hebrews 4:1; 9-11 ~ make every effort to enter the Sabbath rest – the rest of God. Rest is a result of trusting your righteousness. Rest means to cease and desist and to consider it done.

Proverbs 1:33 ~ Psalm 116:7 ~ Isaiah 32:18

Rest is the highest form of faith in God.

~ when we get to that place of rest the enemy cannot touch us!

We all know this one: Psalm 91:1 ~ the secret place is REST.

Isaiah 18:4-5 ~ when we rest there will be abundance even in famine!


Isaiah 14:3-4 ~ the purpose of rest is to confuse the adversary.

So my loves, put up your feet…read the suggested scriptures…get them from your head into your spirit! AND REST!

Blessings Loves!   🙂

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Now I know what it all meant…Deep Change and Loss.

Yellow and Blue Flowers

Yellow and Blue Flowers

On friday God sent me to Psalm 27:10

“When father and mother forsake me, the Lord receives me.”   It was preparation for loss and, not the loss of my left incisor either! If you read this post on my babyblog, you’ll understand that statement.

The loss of my tooth was the means to get me in prayer before another change! One that will feel like a deep loss.

Some vast changes are taking place in my life and I hate change. Especially change that seems as if it is a break, instead of just a change. Right now I cannot go into detail, but I should be able to in a few days.

I am just hoping in Christ that by the time it is revealed I won’t feel so abandoned. Vital people in my life always seem to go…and though I am not battling in the old way, I am battling the confusion and loss. I just keep remembering what a very good friend says often, “more will be revealed.” She also says that what God reveals He removes…don’t appreciate that one right now!

So until I can feel openly, I will stay in prayer by what God has given:

Psalm 27:10 and this one, that will prepare me for my future…I must heed this one!

John 5:43  I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.

I will receive the one that the Father sends! My loyalty is in the Father and my obedience too!

Blessings  =)

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Pursuing Silence…So that I may hear God….

This time last year I got the urge to take out this devotional…exactly this time last year. Exactly this day’s devotional. God is a God of order…

The new transformation of my life?

Learning to be silent. My thoughts are this. If it is not edifying, if it is opinion (unless requested and positive), if it is at all contrary to the thoughts of God (!) I desire to be quiet.

I determine to demolish my opinions and the constant sound of my voice.

I desire to speak wisdom and God’s Word. Therein is the challenge, and I know that this is about to get difficult, because I share it.

So my silence, my quiet is not personal to you. I love you.That is exactly why I have chosen God’s Word and not mine!

My silence is an assignment from God. I ask only that you understand.

Blessings ❤

Do it Yourself
Determinedly Demolish some Things…

“Casting down imaginations and every HIGH THING that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God.”
2 Corinthians 10:5 (1911-1917)

Deliverance from sin is not deliverance from human nature. There are things in human nature, such as predudices, which the saint (believer) has to destroy by neglect; and other things which have to be destryoyed by violence, i.e., by the Divine strength imparted by God’s Spirit. There are some things over which we are not to fight, but to stand still in and see the salvation of God; but every theory or conception which erects itself as a rampart against the knowledge of God is to be determinedly demolished by drawing on God’s power, not by fleshly endeavour or compromise (vs.4).

It is onlywhen God has altered our disposition and we have entered into the experience of sanctification that the fight begins. The warfare is not against sin; we can never fight sin: Jesus Christ deals with sin in Redemption. The conflict is along the line of turning our natural life into a spiritual life, AND THIS IS NEVER DONE EASILY. It is done only by a series of moral choices. God does not make us holy in the sense of innocence. and we have to turn that innocence into holy character by a series of moral choices. These choices are continually in antagonism to the entrenchments of our natural life, the things which erect themselves as ramparts against the knowledge of God. We can either go back and make ourselves of no account in the Kingdom of God, or we can determinedly demolish these things and let Jesus bring another son to glory.

God is a God of order…

Progressive Moon

Progressive Moon

~ Proof of God ~

~ Proof of God ~

Shhhh…I’m listening for God.  =)
Blessings ❤


A Sign of the Times…


 James 1:27

 27  Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

God did not create religion, and Jesus spoke against the religion of man. So what is religion? The way I see it, religion is the traditions created by man,  usually wrong, when they interperet the word of God to their own understanding. Which we are told not to do, clearly, in the Proverbs.

Proverbs 3: 5 -6

 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
       and lean not on your own understanding;

 6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
       and he will make your paths straight.

Our creator accepts only one of man’s religious, or habit, precepts. Our God given ability to be a loving people.  If one reads any one of the Gospels you will find that it is actually the Greatest Commandment, #13 as I see it. The 13 th commandment tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. He then directs us to hang all the laws and the prophets (those who quote the law against the Lord) on these last two, more important, replacement  LAWS OF GOD.

Matthew 22:36-40 

36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?”
37 Jesus said to him, “ ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

So what has this all have to do with the Times we are in? It has everything to do with the times we are living in, right this minute.

For the first time in many, many decades we are in a national decline. As Christians, my family does not adhere to the world’s economy. However, many around us are quite moved by the condition of the economy and the fear that is spreading like the common cold, in a preschool class. Even family who claim Chrisitiantiy as their faith. The times are hard and confusing if one does not cling to the knowledge of a Omnipotent God. A God who provides.

Many ask, and in anger at times, “Why are you above the problems in the economy?! If your God is so loving and fair, then why am I losing everthing? Why is He allowing me and others to suffer and not you?!”.

In my natural being, my life, I and my family, are not above the economy. Our electric and gas bills have gone sky high with everyone else’s. Our mortgage bill still comes in the mail at the beginnin of the month with many other bills that need paying all at the same time. 

So why are we different, why does God treat us differently? That is how non-believer’s and new believers see it.  People see my (the Christian’s) calm and misinterperet what I (we) are feeling as being more favored, more loved by God. This is simply not true, God loves us all the same, I simply accept that truth in my life.  If I look at the circumstances of my life, a part time job, an adult son, living at home, on unemployment, the bills, the mortgage etc. and on and on, I could, naturally fall into tremendous fear. However, I focus, diligently, on my God who gives me the ability to make a living and to prosper above the times. I, diligently, pray continually in thanksgiving for God’s provision. And He is faithful to help my family to do what we should have always done. What we should have always done was live within our means. We are now, in these hard times, able to live within our means. We have, like many families, budgeted and saved for things, rather than getting them on credit or paying something late to get a minor item now. Faith in God and diligence in making the correct financial decisions have been fortified by a God concept that makes no logical sense to those who do not know God and the rules of the kingdom. We tithe, but that is another article, you can read that one here.

The result?

God has faithfully supplied our every need.

Not necessarily in the way we saw it in our understanding, yet provide HE does! Just check my blogs to see our blessings!


One of the things we do is see to it that our offerings help others!  Our church, River of Life Family Church, has a food pantry. As the church secretary I have consistant contact with many people who are desperate in this economy. They are losing their homes, jobless and are embarrassed to come and recieve help in this manner. We have seen able bodied men, who have waited until hunger has gotten the best of them, come in, with their heads hung in humiliation, for food to feed their families.

We have prayed and comforted these people, and God has provided! We have successfully fed hundreds of people a week, in the two days a week that River Outreach Food Pantry is open. We even have a clothing give away each day we are open now. And, finally, they are beginning to seek God in their lives! After just over a year these individuals are coming to RLFC to feed upon the Word of God! What a blessing!

Many of our volunteers are being rewarded for their obedience to this challenge. They are getting jobs, in an economy that is seeing more and more people receiving unemployment checks!

Praise God, all the glory and honor to our Father God!

However, ROFP is beginning to be in need. Each week our shelves are donated bare…

ROFP Needs Donations and Volunteers ROFP Needs Donations and Volunteers

 The Angel,  ROFP Angel



the woman, who runs our food pantry, has made connections over the last year and we receive donations from local restaurants, wholesale warehouses and bread companies. And as Wednesday closes and the pantry looks like the picture from last week (above), we know that God will see to it that we can provide for these ever increasing numbers that will be at our door the following Tuesday. The blessings and provision abounds.

So my request to everyone who wanders over to Hopeannfaith’s Well is this…instead of throwing a coin into the well, give it to your local food pantry. Donate food, or better, donate your free time. Reaching out and helping those in need pleases God. Reaching out and helping those in need allows God to help you, in your circumstances.

Volunteer…Helping…it does a Body, Soul and Spirit good.

many, Many, MANY Blessings to you!  🙂