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<3 Sunday Healing <3

During the 2014 31 Days Write online, I created a weekly thing for my blog. My theme was 31 Healing Scripture and was used and succeeded in getting God’s Healing Promises in my Spirit. And then … Each Sunday I was urged by the Spirit to write on how Church that day helped in my personal Healing Journey. And today … 2 days after the write was over I continued to feel lead to continue sharing my healing experiences at church each week … So beginning with the 4 from the write might I present to you:

Sunday Healing.

Sunday Healing 🙂

Sunday Healing (2)

Sunday Healing (3) A Re-aquainting with Jesus of the Bible

Sunday Healing {4} The Medicine of Praise

Sunday Healing | Who we are IN Christ

Sunday Healing:: How God Assures Me He’s On It!




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